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It was Bittersweet

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplifiers!

We have all heard and said THIS phrase, It was BITTERSWEET!" More often than not, the term is used to describe a moment, memory, or experience that was hard to endure (bitter) yet, there were small sweet, enjoyable/pleasant moments that caused you to become nostalgic once the bitterness wore off.

This dish reminded me of parts of 2020: bittersweet. 2020, will be marked in MY book (I can't speak for you all) as a bittersweet year. The dish prepared was one I THREW together as I just started grabbing ingredients that looked colorful of course BUT, I didn't take into consideration HOW they would taste TOGETHER!

One of the main ingredients that are typically bitter is radicchio (cooked or raw). Combined with the sweet potatoes and broccolini...and other ingredients (it was a sesame stir fry, I made it up )--- PERFECTION! And so, the dish reminded me of the biblical scripture Roman's 8:28 (I'd suggest reading a few passages above AND below as well lolol to get the full gist). But, we need both bitter AND sweet for our health and wellness journey. The wellness of your soul has to be tested by bitter things so that WHEN you do heal in an area, you'll savor and appreciate freedom MORE! This dish with all the bitter and sweet was true "all things working together for my good!" It was delicious! The bitter will come and it may not taste well BUT, some sweetness will surely come along on your journey as well to make ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD!

Bless this food, transform your health and simplify the rest.

Is there a dish or ingredients that remind you of bittersweet moments in life?

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