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Simplifiers, it’s time for our souls to prosper! That means our mind, emotion, intellect, and even our will can prosper. Whether you’re looking for ideas to enhance your creativity, faith, mental health, or food recipes; here I’m going to show you how you can simplify it!

Hey Simplifier,

LOL- know y'all have lots of burning questions about my vegan, eating lifestyle. And I have some answers for you. So, let's delve into this shall we

  1. Why did I decide to go vegan?

  • My short answer is --Yes, I am black and from GA. However, I was a picky eater growing up. I grew up primarily vegetarian (eating little meat as it was just NOT my thing) as I would push meat off my plate as a kid. I did eat on occasion small amounts of meat and fish but, my THING was DAIRY!!! I loved all things cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. However, after some health complications (surviving TWO eating disorders, constant, digestive, inflammation, and chronic sinus issues)--- I made the switch from being vegetarian to vegan.

2. Where do I source my protein?

  • Believe it or not, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds have protein. Oh and fruit. When you combined correctly, you are able canrotein the right way. I also eat mock meats, dairy-dairy and egg-free products which all add flavor, nutrition, and versatility to my meals.

3. What the heck do I eat?

  • Everything not meat, dairy, and eggs--LOL. This is a loaded question. If there is a burger, hotdog, fish, pizza --there is a vegan version of it. I eat chips (be sure to read your label because milk-derived products are in BBQ chips). I eat dairy-free milk, ice cream; I eat vegan pastries (Oreos are vegan), chocolate (minus the milk), pizza with dairy-free cheese. Of course, I load up on my veggies, fruits, grains, etc.

4. Do I eat primarily salads?

  • No, I don't eat salads every day but, they are a staple. Meaning, I eat warm and cold salads and I get creative with how I make them and the ingredients I use.

5. Do I miss meat/dairy/eggs?

  • Honestly, not at all. I've made a lifestyle for my health and I don't like the sight of raw meat. Eggs, I hate the smell of them and as for cheese, I know what it does to my joints and digestive system, so nope!

6. Do I get bored eating some of the same food items?

  • I've always loved to cook so, no. I will try new produce (fruit and veggies/grains) and mock meat vegan items all the time. If I end up not liking it---ok, keep trying with other ingredients. I love getting creative with spices, produce, and new vegan items. I do have my staple meals when I get lazy. But, the vegan market is much better and there are so many eateries catering to vegans as well.

7. Am I perfect?

  • Not at all. If I am sick and need to take medicine, I will take it. I have also forgotten to read labels and found out something wasn't vegan after getting sick. I have also eaten at a restaurant only to find out after getting sick that guac had cheese?? Why it had cheese--beyond me. I have to trust non-vegan places cook with oil and not butter. Or that the bread has no eggs. It's always a gamble when I don't cook. But, nope, I am not perfect.

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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Dear Faithlifier (Simplifier applying Faith),

Have you ever prayed to God and unknowingly or, knowingly whispered, Lord, "IF" it's your will?... If you have prayed this aloud or in your heart, NO worries; I'm guilty of this too.

In Matthew 8:1-4, a leper approached Jesus not soon after Jesus had come down the mountain. Not only did the leper approach Jesus, he worshiped Jesus saying, "Lord, IF you are WILLING, you CAN make me clean. PAUSE!!!!

First, define the word "IF" because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, IF is a conjunction that is used to say that a particular thing can or will happen ONLY AFTER something else happens or becomes true.

Similar to the leper, d you lack faith and trust in God that He IS willing to heal us IN our situation? Do you FULLY believe He IS WILLING or even WANTS to heal/help us?

"IF" is a looming cloud that shrouds out the light and goodness of God. "IF" is like gray skies that block out the sunlight. "IF" creates panic, which fuels feelings of doubt and distrust. While sickness of any kind, or any type of life challenge or disaster, etc., is not anything anyone looks forward to; we MUST train our minds to be renewed to believe that the WORD of God is FOR US! We must command our faith to RISE and DECLARE that God wants the BEST for us and that INDEED it is HIS WILL that we have a GOOD and EXPECTED end (Jeremiah 29:11)!

So, say this with me, Faithlifier,

God, I REPLACE "IF" with, "YOU DO!"

~Faithfully believing,

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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

So, you guys know part of my brand incorporates my Christian faith and relationship with Jesus(I think I'm pretty SET on keeping it as part of my brand because it's risky enough without Him, lol). At any rate, I saw this post this morning and nearly threw my phone across the room because it was like God was telling me. "IT'S OK that you haven't finished grieving THAT...get it ALL OUT!"

Last night, I sat with the Lord and just started to talk to Him, and before I knew it, I was in FULL ON TEARS and SNOT mode. I mean just a FULL on WAIL, almost. Lol. To be honest, I couldn't pray for anyone else at THAT moment because I was like God, WHEN will I STOP hurting over THIS?!? I HUMBLED myself and laid it all out (Luke 6:45). I was so OVER it. I said to God, "I've NOTHING MORE TO LOSE; THIS is what's IN my heart (good, bad, indifferent, doubt, fear, insecurities, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, pain, etc. Etc.). Take it cause I can't, I just ugh, I can't. And at that moment, I realized I hadn't FULLY processed my grief for so many things I'd lost and had been losing. I DID NOT WANT to admit the number of things, I'd lost and the MAGNITUDE it had taken on my soul.

I had started to grow NUMB for fear of being seen as weak, mean, and unempathetic. I feared showing my grief because I'd lost trust in so much and so many. I didn't know how to grieve properly and I some things I just refused to grieve (it made it easier to ignore). I silently compared my grieving process to others and grew cold because I'd hear stuff like "you gotta just get over it;" "Don't grieve too long" "sis, just let it go!" It made me realize that I couldn't KEEP acting as if I was OK. I get declare and decree and watch your words but, MY HEART was FULL and I had NO words to make it burst to release. I was carrying unrealistic expectations on MY season of grieving, not trusting that God TRULY had my back. I didn't FULLY trust that God was NOT mad at me for unprocessed grief that was NOT showing UP but hiding as other things. Now, I had to sit with the Holy Spirit and CONFESS what was revealed in MY and grant myself grace for still being IN the process.

Sitting in a pool of tears isn't the most comfortable thing to do. I imagine it's like babysitting in a soiled diaper waiting to be changed. But Psalm 20:7 says, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but WE trust in the name of the Lord our God. Listen, idk when all the grief of the past season will LIFT but, I know for my ENTIRE soul and health to continue to prosper, I have to TO allow God to let patience have her complete work in me, lacking NOTHING (James 1:4-8). I have to because I know it's not what goes INTO a person but what comes OUT (Mark 7:15), and for me to remain sober-minded with pure hands and a clean heart, the process of pruning with the Lord in timeout is essential.

Give people space and grace to grieve.

And to you, Faithlifier, Grieve well! I'm with you IN THIS. On the other side of THIS, is PURE JOY!!

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