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There’s nothing like educating yourself and equipping yourself with resources and tools to help you maintain your health and wellness transformation! Here you will find classes, e-courses, health and wellness coaching options that are structured and curated for everyone in any stage of life development! Explore our simplified creative options for you, your children, and your family! Time to transform your health and simplify the rest!













**All classes, courses, content material and health coaching sessions are for vegan and non-vegan alike!


Health and Wellness Vision Board Party (Simply Starling) Full details can be found under the Health Coaching Section.

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Health/Wellness AND Faith Vision Board Party (Simplify Your Faith) Full details can be found under the Simplify Your Faith Section.


Thank you for joining the 5-day Ctrl+Alt+The Meat, experience. I'm Simply Starling, your meatless tour guide for the next 5 weeks. I created this course specifically with you in mind. The working or, stay at home parent; the college student, the essential worker, the teacher, the HEARTY meat-eater, practically anyone looking to challenge themselves by going meat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free over the course of 5 weeks!

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