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Lauryn Hill has a lyric 🎵 from her song, the Ex-Factor, that goes, "It could all be so simple but, you'd rather make it HARD!"


In terms of our health and wellness, I believe WE over-complicate the actual wellness of our health due to a myriad of negative components liken to stress, anxiety, vanity, comparison, and MANY other negative traumatic elements.


Listen y’all, I get it! I have been where you are and, I am also doing the work as a “Simplifier” to simplify my life as well. I can identify with the challenges of trying to live a healthy and energetic lifestyle with chronic conditions. You do not want the “condition” to define you but, let’s be HONEST, there are days when your body just doesn’t want to let you be GREAT, and your mind and inner spirit has to PUSH really hard to overcome the pain threshold you can realistically tolerate. I WILL NEVER claim to know it all. I make mistakes, I experiment (A LOT, LOL) BUT, I believe in helping YOU TO transform the wellness of your health into wholeness through transparency, creativity, faith, and HOPE!


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A native of Decatur, Georgia, I have always been a health conscious and highly active individual. Having grown up a picky eater, I chose to become vegetarian at the age of 11 but, later became vegan. I also played basketball and ran track as a child and continued on in high school, adding on additional sports of cross country and volley ball.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising Communications (a Minor in Economics),  as well as two Masters ( Master of Science in Housing and Consumer Economics with a minor in Gerontology; and a Master of Business Administration) Doneshia has gained an understanding of the real-life economic and health issues people face every day, just to survive.

As a health coach, her services span working with children and families, expecting and pregnant mothers, and individuals over 50 to ensure they find simple ways to improve their health and wellness. In addition to being a health coach, Doneshia is also an advocate for women’s health and reproductive health, and will soon expand her health and wellness services to include fertility coaching. As a health coach, one of my passions is to ALWAYS remain a student of my craft so that I can coach and teach others from a fresh, transparent and applicable perspective. I’ve gained an understanding of the real-life economic issues people face every day, just to survive. So, Simply Starling is not a health and wellness hack to help you get by in life, but I am here to show you how to LIVE WELL!

When she is not coaching, you can catch Doneshia creating for her health and wellness lifestyle brand, Simply Starling, dedicated to seeing individuals simplify how they live out a whole and healthy lifestyle. Her brand offers vegan and plant based recipes, blog posts to keep you updated on all things fun and simplified and a Simplified University that will soon offer online courses on health and wellness, faith and much more.  Doneshia also enjoys spending time with her family, working out (spin classes and weight lifting are her favorites), dancing (she choreographs), laughing, creating vegan recipes, thrift shopping and catching up on Netflix movies. You can follow her on social media (IG: @simply_starling, FB: @Simply Starling, and TikTok: @_thesimplystarling). She can also be reached via email,, and her website:

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