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Blueberry Parfait Oatmeal Bowl


•Oats (I prefer steel-cut oats but, you can use quick oats or, oats of your preference.)

Follow package measurements for your desired serving sizes.

•Turmeric (1 tsp for 1 serving)

•1 tbsp (or heaping glob) of your favorite vegan/plant-based yogurt

•Water or vegan/plant-based milk to cook your oatmeal

•1/3 c. frozen or fresh blueberries

•¼ chopped bananas

•Dash of sea salt

•Dash of cinnamon

•¼ C. Favorite granola (I prefer blueberry)

•1 tbsp or desired pour of agave, honey, or maple syrup (totally up to you)







•Cook oatmeal in water or milk-based on your package directions.

•Add all spices and seasonings (salt, and cinnamon), and stir until cooked to YOUR desired consistency.

•Pour oatmeal in your favorite bowl, and top with granola, fruit, yogurt, and drizzle with sweetener.


So, Simplifiers, how did you enjoy this recipe series on superfood oatmeal bowls?

Have you started making your own? Tell me how you liked and even if this sparked an interest for you to make your own simplified oatmeal bowls, share them with our community!

~Later Simplifiers!

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