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Info Session One:


This first session is at no cost to you and is filled with vital information, tips, and strategies about how to prepare for pregnancy from beginning to end! YOU DON'T want to miss this exclusive with me, Doneshia Starling!


Registration is OPEN NOW! 

Learn more about this amazing opportunity below!

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I'm Doneshia, Your Pregnancy, Fertility& Maternity Coach

I know that is not something you hear every day so I'll try to make this explainer as simple as possible. Simply put I am a trained and certified professional who has experience and education in a variety of subjects all about pregnancy and childbirth. I mean all of it, from pre and post-pregnancy and the in-between! You can also call me a fertility doula, infertility specialist, and menstrual health, and period coach! Yep! I do all of that too and I am excited to share my passion with you and help walk you through your journey! When touching the subject of pregnancy, fertility, and its full spectrum it always comes with its sensitivities. This work is a calling to me and it's sacred.  I don't take it lightly and I want you to know there is hope, safety, and a healthy community here!


In creating Simply Pre'Fer I wanted to create a community for women, men, and whole families that;

  • Catered to pregnancy, fertility, and maternity needs 

  • Provided support from isolation and disappointment

  • Get rid of the complexities of learning how to prepare for a healthy future that you want now or later! 

To get to know more about me and get a simplified breakdown of all that I do, click the button below! 

This Info Session Is For You If You're...

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