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Simplifiers, it’s time for our souls to prosper! That means our mind, emotion, intellect, and even our will can prosper. Whether you’re looking for ideas to enhance your creativity, faith, mental health, or food recipes; here I’m going to show you how you can simplify it!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Have you ever thought once, twice ok, many times ALOUD, "God what is/was ALL this/that for?" Isaiah felt the same way in Isaiah 49: 4!!!

One morning as I'm spending time with the Lord and teleworking from my bed (I seriously thank HIM), I was reading a chapter in this book, 'The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio,' one of the BEST, life investments I've made (thank you to my Apostle Bryan Meadows for the recommendation a few years ago) has been revelation and therapy in THIS season of navigation. In a particular chapter, Damazio is teaching about preparation. Upon initial thought, you may be like girl, D, come on. Seriously, you're about to write a post about preparation? And my response to this is YES, and here's why.

I didn't want to write this blog, mainly out of hesitation because I thought "oh, it may seem casually familiar to many." However, when I used to hear "Doneshia, the Lord is preparing you for x,y, and z..." looking back, I focused so MUCH on trying to be perfect to effectively complete the task that I didn't ask God for help or guidance with the preparation process. Preparation is a process and all processes have a time frame, limit, and season. I've been ignorant and perished for a lack of knowledge and understanding in all my ways because of incorrect processing in my thinking. I used to think preparation meant I had to prepare QUICKLY (The Lord is patient and kind because He's working on his daughter in the slow down and process ministry--lol). I am learning that everything doesn't have to be quick, as in--quick feet, quick fast, and in a hurry (shuffle those feet faster ).

Damazio (1988) wrote, "The Greek idea of preparation emphasized the act of making something ready to function PROPERLY." #functionproperly

Have you rushed THROUGH your process just to function without properly functioning? The Holy Spirit highlighted very clearly with this sentence, this scripture, James 1:4-8. Why?

Well because

  1. Preparation takes a lot of patience. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit meaning it has to GROW IN YOU and she has to become perfect. One of the goals of patience is to perfect you to endure your preparation process, to complete the assigned task NOT JUST effectively but in excellence, and assure its proper functioning for OTHERS.

  2. Preparation takes WISDOM. Ha, listen I can admit when I've done something wrong (note above). I hadn't previously thought this all the way through (OR at all ) that wisdom is part of your preparation process. I mean think about it, half the time, we don't always know what to do TO PREPARE for preparation. We just jump headfirst without counting the cost and be like ok God, what's next. Be just as confused and lost in warfare, swaying like a ship w/o a sail (I'm guilty too, lol). You need the wisdom to know HOW to navigate your season of preparation (assignment not included, lol) In the Scripture of Esther, sis had to take MANY milk baths soaks(months of soaking) before her appointment with the King. That's a whole sermon for later.

  3. Preparation takes faith. It is what it is. Preparation takes faith because "results may vary!" After wisdom, it takes faith to MOVE on what God will tell you to collect or DO during your preparation season. And even in collecting, you may NOT SEE what you've prayed for, so you have to have faith to believe you heard from God and move based on what you heard. Ask ANY farmer!

Lastly on THIS subject for now (more later), but to encourage us all, hold fast and don't diminish the work God is doing IN and THROUGH you. God's INCREASE in YOU is for YOU and those called to you. I'm guilty of this too (the process of wholeness ain't pretty, free enough to say it) but the comparison of your benchmark to others and their reaping season. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 used to be bitter going in but, it's gonna be sweet coming out because of grace God is giving me to understand in the season I'm IN. The man who plants and the man who water EACH have ONE purpose but God provides the increase by rewarding them according to their labor.

This is some HARD truth seru, because I wasn't as spiritually mature to lay before God LONG enough to UNDERSTAND my gift of times and seasons, I progressed in regret when the seasons were UP! This has been in MANY life areas. Not that it ever gets easier but I'm learning godly understanding makes it BEARABLE. What was it all for God was the question I posed earlier. What was all the hard work, sacrifice, loss, rejection, grief, sorrow, etc. for God? While I don't have ALL my answers, this morning sitting with God and RE-LEARNING about the preparation was the bread crumb I needed. There is a reward (both on Earth and IN Heaven( for diligently seeking God. I don't have it yet but my spirit bears witness. I've always been a hard worker (worked 3-4 jobs in college, grad school, etc.). I made good grades yet, I was never one to graduate debt-free. That hasn't been my testimony. I don't get random checks in the mail but shout out to the people who do because I rejoice WITH you. I haven't won a free car, paid house, free clothes, etc. whatever (you get the point). There is NO SHADE attached to any of this before anyone throws a mean mug. My post is this, everyone's preparation season is different! Let that sink IN because we hear it but don't digest it.

Esther wasn't the ONLY person in the scriptures being prepared. Mary wasn't the only person in the scriptures being prepared. Samuel wasn't the ONLY person in the Scriptures being prepared. Neither was David nor Moses. We often look at main characters and their "HUGE" reward and think oh, that was beautiful. He or she became a King or Queen, negating WHAT it COST to mount the platform. We also live in a society that will overlook others and their preparation season, by ignorantly profiling their life experiences. For instance Rahab, Deborah, Abigail (David's wife), Peter, Paul (Whew, the transformation from Saul, scary to go blind ) Noah, Nehemiah, Jonah...I mean the list goes on and on. You're important and you're survival through the process of preparation warrants that. You may NOT ever be "famous" or have a blue check, or get a bunch of likes. From planting a seed, or watering it.. stay with the preparation process and KNOW in DUE season, God will INCREASE YOU. The harvest that others will gain from YOUR toil will be worth it! And there will be NO regret or residue of "what was it all for?" Your legacy that you will leave is worth the seasons of preparation!

I'll leave you with this picture of this BEAUTIFUL cake, the "croquembouche!" Yes, it's expensive and a beauty to look at because of the DIFFICULTY of the process it takes to make. And you don't just devour it, you savor it a bit, by bit!

Stay in the fire, become refined and endure the preparation! In due season, you'll be able to truly say, "My prices just went UP!" #endureinfaithwithwisdom

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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplified Mama, 🖐🏽🌸💙

Did YOU know that...

💔 Georgia is ranked as THE worst state in the country to give birth!

💔BLACK women are 3.3 times MORE likely to DIE from pregnancy-related complications than white women are.

💔Black women are MORE likely to experience MORE maternal health complications AND PREVENTABLE maternal death compared with white women.

💔 Black women have difficulty accessing the reproductive health care that meets their needs.

💔 Black women experience "weathering," meaning their bodies age faster than white women's due to exposure to chronic stress linked to socioeconomic disadvantage and discrimination over the life course, therefore making pregnancy riskier at an earlier age.

💔 Black-serving hospitals have higher rates of maternal complications than other hospitals.

This is why you NEED a pregnancy and maternal health and wellness coach (ME) to help prepare you for a safe and healthy pregnancy (all stages, even the 4th stage), and help you to navigate your health, wellness, and nutritional pregnancy journey and advocate with YOU along the way.

If you're THINKING of becoming pregnant; if you are currently pregnant or have a newborn up to a year old, please leave an email, or for more details on personal coaching and upcoming workshops, go to?: Simplified University/Health Coaching!

Racism is a #publichealthissue


Center for Reproductive Rights(2019), Maternal Health in Georgia,

National Partnership for Women and Families(2019), Black Women's Maternal Health: A Multifaceted Approach to Addressing Persistent and Dire Health Disparities,

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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I remember sitting in my 10th grade or AP English class and falling in love with the many literary works of, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and this ONE line caught my eye from a poem of his, "To be Great, is to be Misunderstood!" I don't know if I struggled to "be great" and strived to maintain the "Perfect Patty" image at such a young age (and even as an adult---when we all have imperfections) or, the part about being MISUNDERSTOOD. TH, I toiled with both as I've always FELT MISUNDERSTOOD (in MANY areas of life...MANY). And I grew up misinterpreting my unique, quirky, vibrant abilities and capabilities as fallacious mistakes by God (YIKES).

Some individuals TRY hard to be DEEP while people like myself just wanna turn off my brain and just SLEEP! Some individuals prefer black and white and straight lines...and then there are people like myself who will CRINGE AND ITCH, if they can't find just ONE spot to add color. If I can be HONEST a little more, I believe I majored in the wrong things in college to please my parents and stay IN line (truthfully, I was GOOD at the sciences AND ARTS.... I just didn't know HOW to combine the two). This is my BRILLANT pastor, Apostle Bryan Meadows .... he has mastered being misunderstood so he can maximize his... (you can finish the rest). Thank you Apostle for being misunderstood to be a template for those of us being ok coloring outside the lines for a GREATER picture.

Today Simplifiers,

Don't truncate your wellness by the fear of being misunderstood. The greatness of your wellness and existence is at stake. Color outside the lines and don't stop! Stop crying, wipe your eyes, fix your collar, straighten your back and walk forward.

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