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Top Questions, I'm typically asked as a Vegan

Hey Simplifier,

LOL- know y'all have lots of burning questions about my vegan, eating lifestyle. And I have some answers for you. So, let's delve into this shall we

  1. Why did I decide to go vegan?

  • My short answer is --Yes, I am black and from GA. However, I was a picky eater growing up. I grew up primarily vegetarian (eating little meat as it was just NOT my thing) as I would push meat off my plate as a kid. I did eat on occasion small amounts of meat and fish but, my THING was DAIRY!!! I loved all things cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. However, after some health complications (surviving TWO eating disorders, constant, digestive, inflammation, and chronic sinus issues)--- I made the switch from being vegetarian to vegan.

2. Where do I source my protein?

  • Believe it or not, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds have protein. Oh and fruit. When you combined correctly, you are able canrotein the right way. I also eat mock meats, dairy-dairy and egg-free products which all add flavor, nutrition, and versatility to my meals.

3. What the heck do I eat?

  • Everything not meat, dairy, and eggs--LOL. This is a loaded question. If there is a burger, hotdog, fish, pizza --there is a vegan version of it. I eat chips (be sure to read your label because milk-derived products are in BBQ chips). I eat dairy-free milk, ice cream; I eat vegan pastries (Oreos are vegan), chocolate (minus the milk), pizza with dairy-free cheese. Of course, I load up on my veggies, fruits, grains, etc.

4. Do I eat primarily salads?

  • No, I don't eat salads every day but, they are a staple. Meaning, I eat warm and cold salads and I get creative with how I make them and the ingredients I use.

5. Do I miss meat/dairy/eggs?

  • Honestly, not at all. I've made a lifestyle for my health and I don't like the sight of raw meat. Eggs, I hate the smell of them and as for cheese, I know what it does to my joints and digestive system, so nope!

6. Do I get bored eating some of the same food items?

  • I've always loved to cook so, no. I will try new produce (fruit and veggies/grains) and mock meat vegan items all the time. If I end up not liking it---ok, keep trying with other ingredients. I love getting creative with spices, produce, and new vegan items. I do have my staple meals when I get lazy. But, the vegan market is much better and there are so many eateries catering to vegans as well.

7. Am I perfect?

  • Not at all. If I am sick and need to take medicine, I will take it. I have also forgotten to read labels and found out something wasn't vegan after getting sick. I have also eaten at a restaurant only to find out after getting sick that guac had cheese?? Why it had cheese--beyond me. I have to trust non-vegan places cook with oil and not butter. Or that the bread has no eggs. It's always a gamble when I don't cook. But, nope, I am not perfect.

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