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To be GREAT....

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I remember sitting in my 10th grade or AP English class and falling in love with the many literary works of, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and this ONE line caught my eye from a poem of his, "To be Great, is to be Misunderstood!" I don't know if I struggled to "be great" and strived to maintain the "Perfect Patty" image at such a young age (and even as an adult---when we all have imperfections) or, the part about being MISUNDERSTOOD. TH, I toiled with both as I've always FELT MISUNDERSTOOD (in MANY areas of life...MANY). And I grew up misinterpreting my unique, quirky, vibrant abilities and capabilities as fallacious mistakes by God (YIKES).

Some individuals TRY hard to be DEEP while people like myself just wanna turn off my brain and just SLEEP! Some individuals prefer black and white and straight lines...and then there are people like myself who will CRINGE AND ITCH, if they can't find just ONE spot to add color. If I can be HONEST a little more, I believe I majored in the wrong things in college to please my parents and stay IN line (truthfully, I was GOOD at the sciences AND ARTS.... I just didn't know HOW to combine the two). This is my BRILLANT pastor, Apostle Bryan Meadows .... he has mastered being misunderstood so he can maximize his... (you can finish the rest). Thank you Apostle for being misunderstood to be a template for those of us being ok coloring outside the lines for a GREATER picture.

Today Simplifiers,

Don't truncate your wellness by the fear of being misunderstood. The greatness of your wellness and existence is at stake. Color outside the lines and don't stop! Stop crying, wipe your eyes, fix your collar, straighten your back and walk forward.

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