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The Great Bathroom Escape

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplifiers!

Let's talk about Bathroom Essentials!

Beautiful smells, décor, natural body soaps, candles, body scrubs, tea baths, fresh towels, and more all make up MY bathroom essentials. My bathroom space isn't just for "using the restroom". For me, it's also about finding another place of relaxation and peace. I love to pray in my bathroom. I love to read in my bathroom. I love to soak in MY tub and imagine I'm at a fancy hotel or, just to soak and let my mind destress from the cares of the day!

Let's start with lighting. There are literally, HUNDREDS of bathroom lighting fixtures to choose from. I love a good BRIGHT light fixture as it adds a level of alertness to my bathroom. Vanity bathroom lights are my TOP favE!! Lights are not only for aesthetics but also, to help me FULLY wake up help me to wake UP, especially on days when I am dragging out the bed (I know I'm NOT the only one dragging out the bed, LOL)!

Here is a quick, non-comprehensive look at some of my bathroom essentials. There are more of course BUT, you get the point.

I'd love to see what some of your bathroom essentials include!

Comment below!

Later Simplifiers,

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