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Simply, let your soul GLOW

Hey Simplifiers!

The weather is's getting warmer and that means more skin showing and mood glowing So, why not add simple ways of boosting both your mood and getting a natural skin glow for these warm months ahead. Two healthy food items I LOVE and would suggest to achieve both are OF COURSE... dark chocolate (less sugar if possible...) and citrus fruit. NATURAL dark chocolate helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation this, you achieve that natural glow. It also has collagen boosting properties, locks on moisture and helps with elasticity. Bounce bounce! Lol

Citrus fruit aids in repairing connective tissue, fighting free radicals, wound healing, moisture, elasticity and more. Vitamin C is your bronzer!

As Randy Jackson from "Coming to America says, "Just let your soooouuuuul glow!" #imtickled

Later Simplifiers,

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