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Eat Messy, Eat Green

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplifiers!

Eat Messy. Eat Green.

There are days when all I want are DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES! One type of dark, leafy green veggie I love is collard greens! When I am doing well and decreasing my processed sugar intake, and increasing my water---I can listen to my body more and what she needs. And when I do, she is like ohhhh, GIMME green leafy veggies (and it's also probably because I need the folate, magnesium, vitamin c, manganese, etc.).

Pictured here are the same greens (sesame) with two different meals(get creative and save money).

You can eat a green veggie with EVERY meal. Interested in HOW to incorporate more green veggies into your eating regime Comment below, "GREEN INTEREST" if interested! And don't forget to let me know what your favorite dark leafy green veggie(s) are and what you pair them with.

Later Simplifiers,

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