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Cartwheels and Creative Spaces

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplifiers!

Let's talk about art and creative spaces. What's your favorite room in your home? How does art influence your space? What does it say about you? How does it help you to create?

I can't create in closed quarters and spaces. I'm claustrophobic. I need SPACE to cry, to walk around in my room to pray, to dance, to think out loud, to study, to BREATHE, meditate, lay on the floor and just look at my ceiling, do cartwheels...whatever! I need space to JUST BE!

Besides a beautiful space, I need some good art that not only embellishes my space but, helps me to create! When I purchase art, my purpose isn't just to make space look good... it has to bring purpose. It has to represent me, edify me, remind me, help me evolve!

My question to you is, where is your favorite space to create, and what type of art helps to elevate you?

Post below and share pics if you have them!

Later Simplifiers,

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