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Bloom Where You are Planted

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hey Simplifiers!

Everything has a process before it Springs and Blooms. Oftentimes, we think because a season is labeled as such, it will automatically come with EVERYTHING that matches that season. While it's officially spring, all the spring "things" haven't fully bloomed. That doesn't take away from the fact that the SEASON is STILL spring. I had to remind myself that on my walk today as I was looking for MORE colors and instead was met with more monochromatic colors, bugs, gnats, and dead foliage in a lot of places. Everything wasn't dying on the trail. HOWEVER, because it wasn't what I wanted to SEE, I could have missed out on what was BUDDING and, what WAS as it SHOULD have been. Things will bloom in due season BUT, be patient and take a walk, anyway. Enjoy the budding process. YOUR FULL BLOOM is on the way!

~ Later Simplifiers,

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